Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit is designed to create a flush fitting blind which looks as if it is a part of the window frame. This look is created by the screw free and drill free nature of the fixings. The Perfect Fit brackets slide behind the seal allowing the frame and blind to be clipped on in a matter of seconds. When you have had a new set of doors, windows or even a new conservatory fitted drilling the window frames is not a preferred option. Perfect fit allows you to eradicate this process of drilling as it is a screw and drill free blind solution.

Flush-Fitting Blinds

Another fantastic feature of this blind is its internal lip to ensure the blind is kept within the frame. The blind itself sits within the framework meaning it’s great for tilt & turn windows, opening windows, and fantastic for doors as the blind is kept tight within the frame and cannot blow about and get damaged or cause difficulty in operation. Having the blind fully framed also makes the opening and closing of windows and doors easier as the blind is connected directly to the frame. This means the product moves with the door when opened making it a great option for all as there are no loose cords to break or to trip on.

Gain A Window Sill

Gaining the window sill is also a key feature of this product, as the blind is flush with the window frame you don’t have to project off to miss window handles or any obstructions like most common blinds where you can lose at least 3-5 inches of the sill. This is great for bay windows, bathrooms and kitchens especially as the sill is typically used as a storage area or used for decoration in these areas. You maintain the practicality of the space available to you and also leaving space to retain your design ideas for you window sill.

Pleated Or Venetian

Perfect Fit is available as in Pleated & Venetian options giving you the choice of which product you may prefer. Both options have a wide range of colours and variants to make sure it suits and compliments your home environment perfectly.